Why Payment Solutions are Important

An Ecommerce payment solution makes it possible for you to receive money from your online customers. Without a proper set up of a payment solution, you won’t be able to process a customer’s credit card information to complete the transaction via the web.
However, eCommerce sellers shouldn’t use just any payment solution. You should take careful consideration in choosing the technology you use to receive a customer’s payment.

Choosing the right payment solution affects your security level. Your customers must trust you to safeguard their personal payment information. Not having an industry complaint and highly secure site can lead to some serious fines and potential identity theft issues for your customers.

Your payment solution also affects the customer’s experience when shopping with you. It can determine the speed, complexity, and reliability of your checkout process. When shoppers don’t have a good online checkout process with you, they often abandon their carts, or opt to shop somewhere else next time.

There’s many payment solutions available to eCommerce sellers, however at TransMerit we only use the best.  Our portal through Authorize.net will accommodate all of your online payment gateway needs.  They are highly rated for security, easy to use, and the system gives you access to process transactions and to view your data from any device that has access to the internet.

Authorize.net will easily sync with your web store, and our implementation team does the work and trains you on how to use it.


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