1. Payment Gateways Demystified

    If you are the new kid on the small business block, at times, the business side of things can get murky and hard to navigate when your strengths lie in why you started your business in the first place — your product or service is your passion! At Transmerit Merchant Services, we’re here to uncomplicate owning your own small business as much as possible, which is why we’ll be covering the top…Read More

  2. Payment Services: What Is Apple Pay?

    Part of the payment services we offer at TransMerit Merchant Services is Apple Pay. With over 43.5 percent of US people owning an iPhone, of those users, only 24.8 percent use the Apple Pay feature. So, perhaps people just don’t know how to use it or know a merchant offers it? With more seniors and older generations using technology, they’re catching up to these types of payment services, so w…Read More

  3. Credit Card Processing In Small Businesses: Chargebacks

      Here at Transmerit Merchant Services, we offer credit card processing for small businesses and work alongside you to develop the best strategy, because each small business operates differently. Our goal is to support your small business by offering credit card processing services both in a physical POS system, to make and generate sales, and through our payment gateways and terminals for easier…Read More

  4. Don’t Break A Sale, Make A Sale: Choosing the Right POS

    Owning your own business comes with a host of emotions. It's extremely liberating to be your own boss. Likely you will know exactly what you want, with the big picture in mind. You're a dreamer and want to see your industry thrive by solving the problems consumers have while serving their best interests. It can also be demanding and exhausting. You are the boss so you have the responsibility in ma…Read More