Owning your own business comes with a host of emotions. It’s extremely liberating to be your own boss. Likely you will know exactly what you want, with the big picture in mind. You’re a dreamer and want to see your industry thrive by solving the problems consumers have while serving their best interests.

It can also be demanding and exhausting. You are the boss so you have the responsibility in making every decision — everything rests on you. You have to make informed decisions on the marketing avenues you choose to navigate, down to the design and layout of your brick and mortar space. Piquing consumers interests lie in the small details of everything, right down to the point of sale (POS) system you use. The POS can make or break a sale — if it’s functioning optimally and carries out quick transactions — the customer is inclined to come back. Oppositely, if the POS has a myriad of glitches, the customer becomes agitated and will seek out a different option. So, don’t lose out on precious revenue and read more about the elevated choices in point of sale systems for small businesses.

Integrating the appropriate POS system

If you do a quick internet search on POS systems — which you probably already have — you know and understand the saturated market. So where do you even begin?
Envision your brick and mortar small business and think about its components; is it a small or large space? Are you the sole employee wearing all the hats from owner to sales register clerk? What does your gross revenue look like? Others options you may want to consider while researching a POS system include:

  • User friendliness – Will you and your employees be able to quickly learn and adapt to this POS?
  • Sales data entry – Will you be able to override the system in place and be able to manually input sales information or customize the program?
  • Pricing options – Will you be able to input sales bundles or update tax information?
  • Sales data tracking and reports – Does the POS provide an option to run reports on sales?
  • Security – What kind of security options does your POS have? How will it protect you and your customers?


As you take inventory of what you require, here are a couple of POS systems for small businesses:

Poynt – The Poynt is a streamlined POS that is not much bigger than a tablet in size. It’s convenient and portable. The Poynt features the following:

  • A built-in printer
  • Customer facing camera for security
  • Various connection methods for convenience
  • Built in business analytics accessible from a smartphone as well as the POS.

Clover Station – The Clover Station POS is multi-functional and allows you to track inventory, manage business analytics, and manage employees. It offers a sleek modern design that is small, but not quite portable.
It offers unique features including:

  • A transaction record for tracking inventory
  • A loyalty program for customers
  • The latest security technology

Clover Mini – This is the smaller version of the Clover Station POS features a compact design with a flippable interface from sales clerk to customer. The Clover Mini comes with preloaded software to get you up and running quickly to track customers sales and transaction data.
Shop Keep (terminal POS) – This is a slightly larger POS system with a tablet interface. It comes with a printer, a portable hand-held scan tool, and a register scan tool. It features the following:

  • Customer support for US and Canadian clients
  • Employee management functions
  • Inventory management
  • Business analytics
  • UAccept (terminal POS) – This stationary POS system is technologically advanced in that it allows customers text in orders and pay with bitcoin! It includes:
  • A touch screen for ease
  • Internal printer
  • An encrypted magnetic card reader for security

Transmerit Merchant Services

Now that you’re armed with additional information on POS systems you can make an informed decision on a POS that suits your small business perfectly.
At Transmerit Merchant Services, we’re here to make choosing a POS simple and effortless. We want to help connect you with a system or service that fits the needs of your small business. We’re happy to answer any questions or provide our consultation services.

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