A Great Experience

My customer service rep is Marcy P. I feel as though she represents me as a real personal representative who is attentive to our business needs. I’m not familiar with POS systems but she has given me insight and professional knowledge on these systems. She has also reviewed my contract and has explained it with down to earth English. Nor does she come off as I can’t wait to get off the phone with this difficult customer. I was a difficult customer and there are very few people in this industry that can actually listen diffuse and then address the issues. She took the time to conduct a three way telephone call with my POS company and remained there, even asked questions concerning the equipment. Most reps would remain silent. But not Marcy!!! She has returned my phone calls to deal with a better business complaint that I received concerning a credit card refund. She is remarkable, astute, a problem solver, great in conflict resolution and an excellent communicator. She knows her profession well. I view Marcy as an excellent candidate for management/supervisor. She would also stand out as a lead trainer. (With extra pay of course.) A big shout out to Marcy!

Lisa K.