TransMerit Merchant Services, Credit Card  Merchant Services, Los Angeles, CA
Great company! Very professional and trustworthy ! Great for low rates on merchant services.

Lyla H. (9/26/16)

I was very happy with the professionalism and customer service shown to me by Ms. Sunnya Williams. You can see that TransMerit not only takes pride in it's products but also in their customer service. I look forward to doing business with TransMerit in the future.

Kelvin M. (8/24/16)

TransMerit is a great company! I have been frustrated with so many merchant services in the past that promised low rates, then raised them. I have been processing with them for 2 months now and have actually saved a lot of money, almost 400$ a month! I still get my deposits the next business day and have no problem reading statements, they are simple and clear. Harmony and Stephanie were very patient and helpful when they got me signed up for the small business program. I definitely recommend! This is a company that actually does what it says and keeps the credit card rates fixed. I process AMEX and do not get billed separately. Very simple and easy. My equipment is fast and easy to use. Thank you.

Bernadine L. - Los Angeles, CA (8/16/16)

I am fed up with all credit card processing companies! This one is the lesser of all evils. I have saved hundreds of dollars in the last month alone. I was pressured into the contract, but I'm glad I was because I saw the results the very first month. The lease is something I pay for every month which I thought was too high, but like I said,  I already saved hundreds of dollars including the 198$ lease payment. I don't know how they do it, but they have helped my family's business a lot. Thank you Harmony, Anna and Stephanie, for handling all my million questions and skepticism. You really did help my store. 

Lokahi P. - Woodland Hills, CA (8/16/16)

I am very surprised to say, I am impressed. The sales woman Harmony was extremely patient and helpful. She had a thorough and knowledgable approach to explaining her presentation, and answered all of my various questions. Very professional. Norm and Anna were a big help as well. Kind people.

Sal A. - San Diego, CA (8/11/16)

This company has really saved my store a lot of money every month. I was getting charged way too much with Chase. I have to say, the sales lady was very knowledgable and did not pressure me into signing with them. I have been processing with them for almost a year now and I saved over 3000$. I was very hesitant about leasing equipment, but I have a very fast terminal, no technical issues, and always get my money deposited the next day and they sent me a second updated model already. The people at customer service are friendly. I definitely recommend.

Jules S. - Los Angeles, CA (8/9/16)

Zack and Anna were very helpful in processing my transaction for cancellation. They made up for the independent contractor who misrepresented the terms of the credit card machine. Anna was extremely knowledgeable as was Zack about the terms. I would recommend this company for your business needs.

Mike J. - Costa Mesa, CA (1/14/16)

Great company to work with. Very helpful and straightforward. And gave me awesome rates that no one else has been able to touch.

Serena Z. - Avon Lake, OH (1/11/16)

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